Flora Swing

Product Code : TDL1FLS
Welcome Nature in your living space as you feel the subtle tones of the wind chiming away and brighten up your day with fresh flowers or plants in the glass hold


Product Code : TDL1BPS
Photos of loved ones add a sense of nostalgia to any space. Organize your memories, your child’s first drawing, or reminders with this easy-to-us photo string.


Product Code : SUP
Break the old school rules of pinning up your pictures, post cards, child’s drawings or framing your photos.
Spruce-up any living area by making your very own DIY photo-wall in any pattern as you prefer.

Roll and Write

Product Code : RNW
Roll, write and tear against the serrated edge to make writing notes and reminders fun with this unique paper dispenser.

Sextet Vase

Product Code : TDL1SXU
A confluence of six stainless steel tubes forms a perfect modern sculpture-esque vase.
Single stem flowers or dry twigs will bring elements of nature with a sleek modern touch to the most discerned homes.


Product Code : TDL1BMK-OG
Fun, practical and colourful bookmarks made of spring steel to endure as you devour books after books.

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