What is an X-Gloo?

X-Gloo, the inflatable event tent

The X-Gloo is a striking inflatable event tent designed with the iconic shape of the igloo in mind. Offering limitless customisation and brand potential, the X-Gloo is a sturdy solution for any company looking for a striking and eye-catching presence at events. Sturdy and resilient, the tent is more than suitable for both indoor and outdoor occasions.

Quality Features

  • •   German engineering and design
  • •   High-quality craftsmanship
  • •   Impressive unique design
  • •   Limitless branding potential
  • •   Rugged and resilient material
X-Gloo X-Gloo


X-Gloo X-Gloo
Why an X-Gloo?

Lightweight, durable, eye-catching

The quality of an X-Gloo event tent is immediately apparent in its simple operation, minimal weight, ease of setup and small packaging size. Once inflated the X-Gloo can stand securely on almost any surface and withstand winds of up to 60kmph. Almost every surface on the X-Gloo can be branded and customised in a range of enticing colours.

Quality Features

  • •   Indoor or outdoor use
  • •   Minimal set up time
  • •   Weighs as little as 13kg
  • •   Waterproof, fire resistant
  • •   Stable in high winds

X-Gloo² – New and Improved

Simple setup and instant inflation

The X-Gloo 2 takes the X-Gloo’s sleek, innovative design and enhances it just that much more. Improvements to the structure of the inflation tubes, tension of the walls and integration of the roof and canopy have created an evolution of X-Gloo that is perfect for any event need, whether indoors or outdoors.

New Features

  • •   Reinforced structure
  • •   Streamlined loops and toggles
  • •   Improved wall tensioning
  • •   Redesigned canopy
  • •   Stability enhancements


X-Gloo X-Gloo
How does it work?

Simple setup and instant inflation

The X-Gloo can be erected in only five minutes and anchored to both soft and hard ground. It’s a simple case of unpacking the tent, inflating it with air and then securing it. Customising the X-Gloo is a simple matter of easily attaching extra components with their integrated zips and loops.

Quality Features

  • •   Easy to transport packaging
  • •   Inflatable in five minutes
  • •   Secure to soft or hard ground
  • •   Attachable accessories
  • •   Ready to use in no time

Block Building System

Endless opportunities for configuration

The X-Gloo’s block building system allows quick and easy component configuration. Almost any design can be achieved by attaching extra sections – such as canopies and tunnels – and all sizes are connectable. Adding extra tent elements provides a simple solution for creating impressive modular structures. Using a combination of modules, components and tunnels you can even create your own tent city!

Quality Features

  • •   Optional side walls
  • •   Additional tunnels
  • •   Extra canopies
  • •   Simple modular design
  • •   Create giant outdoor structures


X-Gloo X-Gloo

Incredible scope for imagination

Available with a treasure trove of optional extras, you can customise your X-Gloo with overhead lights, canopy banners, electronic air pumps, different bases and much more. Versatile and compatible with both indoor and outdoor events, you can customise the X-Gloo to fit any occasion.

Quality Features

  • •   Overhead lights
  • •   Canopy banners
  • •   Heavy base types
  • •   Electric pump
  • •   Customisable modules

World wide X-GLoo Users
Coca cola
Etihad airways
BKT tyres
Good year
Fulham football club

Why X-Gloo?

  • •  Reusable       
  • •  Portable        
  • •  Brand-able    
  • •  Inflatable       
  • •  Configurable

services we provide

We provide

  • 1. Consultation for branding
  • 2. Service for configurability
  • 3. Servicing for the tents

Block Building System

Customisation is at the heart of the X-Gloo’s functionality. Combine multiple components to create your own unique tent that can suit any occasion. Each size can be connected to the other seamlessly through additional canopies and tunnels.

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